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Residential proxies BLOG
Backconnect Proxy Service
High quality & high speed worldwide backconnect proxy
Date of publication: 27 Nov 2018
Residential Proxies In Everyday Business | COSMO:PROXY BLOG

There were two friends named Harry and John.  Both were working for the same company, as time passed and due to certain issues, both got fired. They started business separately. Harry’s business was quite smooth but lacked growth in recent years. But John seemed to grow wealthier day by day as his company seemed astonishing growth ever.When they got time to catch up, John said the reason for his success is Social media marketing strategy. Harry was shocked to believe that he did not make any step to promote his business through digital platforms. It was also mentioned by John, that he sought help from the most trusted COSMO:PROXY to help his business promotion through a variety of social media. 

COSMO:PROXY for business

COSMOPROXY is the best residential proxy if you are searching for the same with back-connect proxies. They have millions of IPs and also serve the purpose of rotating back-connect proxies.  They mask your IP address with other home addresses in order to prevent data scraping,cloaking or hiding. These residential proxies are very much helpful to people involved in data mining techniques. They might be expensive but it is worth the amount to run your business smoothly and efficiently without any issues. 

What are proxies and how they can help in business?

A proxy refers masking of a person in the name of another person. In context, it refers to the usage of another IP address instead of the original one. A proxy server acts as an intermediate server in providing access to your computer. For example, in your computer lab,you cannot gain access to certain sites. To gain access to the particular site you must contact your lab administrator, here administrator acts as a proxy server. It acts as a computer system that allows users to exchange data on a network. 

Any business wishes to provide services to its clients without hiding data. Since many websites do these jobs of data hiding or cloaking,business gets affected. For such cases, many companies provide a residential proxy that helps in business that enables them to provide their users with complete data. For business, a residential IP must not scrap data, should not hide/cloak data, Should verify ads,Provide professional support and must be distributed worldwide. All these requirements are fulfilled by COSMO:PROXY. Since its revelation of residential and back-connect or reverse proxy, there isno need for businesses to search for advanced one. Every business is fulfilled with their service.  

Some websites can hide original data from corporate IP address. This hiding can be made visible to the users by means of a proxy. But these proxies might be served from data centres. Websites have the intelligence to differentiate that the proxy from a data centre is a bot and not a regular user. This makes the websites to hide the data as earlier,which means a website still hides the data from you even when using a proxy. Here comes Residential proxy that makes use of data by a residential IP. Such services are provided for low cost by COSMO:PROXY. They help in providing IPs to home users and real data can actually be accessed through websites. 

What are residential proxies?

A residential IP acts as the base for the residential proxy. When you access websites, a residential IP is the one that identifies your Internet Service Provider. It is up to you to have a constant IP address or changing IP address. The factors that define your identity remain the same for both the above-mentioned cases. There are many sites available in the market that can tell your residential IP address. With the help of this, you can identify your city, country,and Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

Perks of using COSMO:PROXY for business

To mask your IP

The residential proxy helps you to stay anonymous during internet usage.It helps in spoofing your IP with some other home IP. This helps in providing access to restricted sites, banned websites and prevents your business from data scraping. 

To provide an authorized access

They are the best at accessing sneaker sites with security systems. They are legit compared to data centre proxies. This enables you to check the connection is from a real person or a bot. The residential proxy IPs can be banned or restricted still if they are reported abuse.This is the reason for IP rotation and it does not get failed.

Features of COSMO:PROXY 

They provide internet marketing services for major organizations like LinkedIn, Snap chat, Tumblr, Pokémon Go, Zennoposter, Scrapebox, and many others. COSMO:PROXY also helps in the promotion of various websites. In today’s era of the digital world, marketing is a very important tool to run your business with success. COSMO:PROXY helps in giving support by promoting websites, accounts, and groups in major social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

They are anonymous at a higher level and these proxies operate at higher speed. The uptime of these proxies is 99.9%. They provide services such as shared proxy and rotational back-connect proxy. COSMO:PROXY response to customer queries is fastest and they provide online customer support 24*7. They cost only 2$ per port. It is one of the main advantages that COSMO:PROXY is not as expensive as other residential proxies available in the market. They are best in providing discounts, coupons and other perks for using their services. 

If you are in need of information from a website, but you get repeatedly blocked from accessing those sites. It might sound annoying. For such cases, you need to hide your IP address and the best way to do this is by using a residential proxy address. This job is done by COSMO:PROXY. It helps you to mask your address connected to a server of some other location. As mentioned earlier, they offer a variety of services.Depending on your needs, you have the option to choose residential back to connect proxies or reverse proxies and dedicated residential proxies. From the above information, you can come to the conclusion that residential proxies by COSMO:PROXY are a safe, legit, efficient and reliable way to improve your business and income.