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Date of publication: 06 Dec 2018
How I use residential proxies to work with Instagram

How I use residential proxies to work with Instagram

Residential proxies for Instagram are very useful and can really help you boost your productivity o the platform. It has the potential to attract more than 350 million people who are active monthly users. Now a catch is that if you try using any sort of automation you can really enhance the amount of quality traffic that you can receive for free. Surely, it is the business model for ant successful brand or store, and your sales can go sky rocketing in a short span of time. The platform provides the stage for any user to get access to 100 of accounts and gain more than 1000’s of clicks each day.

Market for Residential Proxies:

Residential proxies in the market can be extremely expensive to buy and also the charge can be ridiculously high ranging anywhere between $200-$500 per month by the companies offering the service. Now let’s look on how to have your own residential proxy for just under $6 per month. They will help to stop like blocks, follow block and therefore help to securing your Instagram account when you are exercising automation process on it. Perhaps, it will actually as your personal and private residential IP address.


  1. The Instagram security checks will not be at it’s full potential due to a residential location.
  2. It will have no like blocks, no follow blocks and you gain complete freedom of your Instagram account.
  3. You can assign up to 5 Instagram accounts per residential IP.
  4. It acts like your own private server and hence only you have access to it.
  5. It will be extremely smooth and fast as it’s your personal server and only accessible to your devices.
  6. Configure your passwords and user name anytime.
  7. Perhaps, you can resell these proxies and gain good profits.

Now you can use these multiple accounts to make money for your brand and store more easily and more productively without investing too much in just one account. It can be enhanced by using automation tools. That’s why you need proxies to make it handy. This method is is widely popular as Instagram spam and also referred as Instagram CPA or CPI.

Making money:

So basically when you provide the link to the external source, your aim is to get the user on the platform to install the app and you earn profit from it. People have been using this method and making thousands of dollars each day. Now the only possible way is by having multiple accounts that can be achieved via residential proxies as Instagram bans any spam accounts in its platform hence you require multiple accounts to have continuous engagement. The first step is basically to purchase any secured automation tools, residential proxies and SIM cards. Now you may not be required to have a VPS connection all along depending upon your activity. The next step is setting up multiple accounts, editing their bio as per the product that you intend to market and promote. Once done, just start following users and it’s all that you need to create visibility and have more profits coming in.

This was perhaps the basic template at which these spam accounts for marketing purposes operate to generate revenue. But there is also another way but involves more creative and high quality accounts that has valuable content being posted to gather a very loyal and engaged fan base and visitors. Now once you have achieved the target of 10k followers on your spam accounts you can either sell your personalized products or sell shout outs. So for instance, if you have 5 accounts with a minimum of 10k followers then you may sell a couple of shout-out per account at $5 each day, making it $50 per day. It is popular because these are accounts that genuine following and last longer.

Whenever you are starting either a legit or a spam campaign on Instagram beware of not going full throttle on your account right from the start and be careful upon it’s access. Use low settings using the bot and gradually increase the settings. Be careful to monitor your bot from random breaks and make it as human as possible. But why do we need bots essentially? It is simply to not allow the platform to trace the dots and ban all of your accounts in one go.

Like Blocks and Feature:

Instagram has got its own links of tracking spam activities and blocking their access or certain features. One such feature is the like button which can be blocked if found to used excessively in context of marketing or promotion. Hence, Instagram blocks you from liking posts and thereby can hamper your automation process if not regulated. So therefore make it more human in nature. That’s when these Residential proxies come handy as the data center and sever are both located at one location and you can have access to the like button function and use it without any threat of being blocked or banned for the feature.

Follow back and following:

Another interesting is of follow back and following feature. By using these residential proxies and with the help of automation bots, you can follow people and gain followers at an accelerating pace. Also it helps marketing people to develop a lot visibility. But Instagram also monitors such activities and can have you blocked for this feature. So with the use of these proxies, you can have them unblocked and go ahead but with gradual pace, to keep your identity as residential user and have no sense of threats from security breach.


Hence, you shall be very careful in choosing the residential proxy provider and make sure you check the list of banned proxy sites as if you choose them, then your account automatically gets banned. Hence another advice is to make the account appear as human as possible and have physical presence on the account too along with the automation bot that is in application. Once that is done, also try to have a rapport with the followers to develop genuine connections in the market and appreciate their loyalty for following.