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Rotating Residential Backconnect Proxy Service
What is rotating residential backconnect proxy service?
Our service provides a tool that is commonly used by webmasters and various marketers, also SEO specialists, as well as in other areas where anonymization technologies are used as well as changing and substituting an IP address. We have a large pool of IP addresses of residents around the world (more than 200 countries). When you customize your software by pointing our ports, say OUR.IP:1000 till OUR.IP:1250 port, your software gets access to millions of different IP addresses of residents around the world. The IP address on each of the ports changes every 3-5 minutes. Our IP address pool updates daily and pool is getting bigger every day
How fast proxies
Speed on each port can changes every 5 minutes, it depends on residential's device internet speed. For example if you connecting to country with poor internet (India, Bangladesh, different islands with radio internet and same) you will get poor speed on this port. However on near port which is connected to for example to home PC in USA on gigabit internet speed and this device is not in use at this time, you will get very fast speed on this port.

If you get errors with connection it may seems that device goes offline at the moment and you will not receive any data on this port of course. After rotation time 5 minutes new IP will be assigned on this port and it will be alive again.

We not recommend you to abuse ports with more than 100 threads otherwise you will get more errors and refused connects. You must understand that pool is 100% residential and we don't guarantee 100% high speed service. It is physically unreal to hold millions residential devices over the world on fastest internet connections.

Also you must understand that when you open simple one internet page in browser it uses minimum 6+ threads at one time. It doesn't means that you can open 8 websites on each port at the time and they will opens without any issues.

For stable work we can recommend you to setup your software correctly and if you get errors - try to check these parameters which can depends on your results very very much:

- be sure that you not abuse ports with more than 100 threads per one port (simple internet page uses 6+ threads)
- you not use very aggressive tactics of your bots
- you not download huge data per request (HD videos, torrents, etc)

Imagine millions different home PC's, workstations, gadgets etc. They can be in use by their owners, getting online/offline, standby. Their residents use them as you: watching YouTube, downloading torrents or simply read text and watching cinema from hard drive. Our service have only REAL residential IP's in Pool.

Of course we compare our service with our concurents and we can say that it is not worse and for this price we offer the best rotating residential proxy service on the market today. Hundreds of happy customers use it for business day by day and we improve our service daily.

If you need stable fast proxy speed you must use datacentre proxies. You must understand that they will detects as data centre. Residential proxies not detects as datacentre. And not detects as proxy

How is big IP pool?
We have up to 10 millions of different residential IP's worldwide. Everyday our pool refreshes with 10-20% of new residential IP's
Can I purchase weekly, 2 weeks plan?
Yes you can. It will costs 1/4 and 1/2 of the monthly price. Starts from 25 Ports package
Does proxies works fine with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social webs and services?
Yes sure we not restrict no any websites and social webs such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, Amazon, Craiglist, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, GMX, Outlook, Yandex, Apple, Skype, XtremeTop, WikiPedia
I want 150, 200, 300, 400, 567, 1500 ports to buy, but I don't find such plans in your store, what to do?
You can purchase as much ports as you need (not less 5). For custom subscriptions please contact us. Big package -- bigger discount
Google Services
Google Search and Google Services works like on your home PC without any issues
Mailing politics
SMTP Port 25 is blocked for mailing client but you can mail through mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo etc without any restrictions
GEO Proxies
To date we don't allow GEO proxies; we working on it
Payments Q&A
How to contact Support Team
Simply write us in a Chat at the bottom of any page at our website and we will answer you as soon as possible. Also you can add us in Skype (live:cosmoproxy) or send e-mail via this form. However Chatra Chat is a best way, but it not works 24/7! If you need guarantee answer please use contact form
What payment methods do we accept
We accept: PayPal, Amazon, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay. Also you can pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether, Payoneer, Paxum & Advanced Cash. When you click on a Plan in our Store you redirects to FastSpring Checkout Page where you can pay by Credit Cards, Amazon and PayPal. For payments by Bitcoin, BCH / Ether (other e-coins) & Payoneer, Advanced Cash and Paxum please contact us
How to pay by Paxum, Payoneer and Advanced Cash with 5% discount
For payments via Paxum and Payoneer please contact us and we provide wallet ID's of these payment systems. These payment methods save 5% of your payments
Why in store 5 Ports subscription costs $11.90 but on a checkout page price changes to another?
For some countries additional tax may be included (depends on your country VAT). You can try to change country on checkout page (right corner upstairs) to for example USA (or any other country where is no VAT) the VAT index will change to 0% and you'll be able to pay without additional tax. Here on a FastSpring website you can find VAT table for each country.

Businesses making digital purchases can be exempted from VAT Tax by providing their valid VAT ID at the time of purchase. For those providing a VAT ID, no VAT Tax will be charged, and the VAT ID will be included on the invoice we provide at purchase completion.

If you want to pay without VAT you should pay by Bitcoin, BCH / Ether, Paxum, Payoneer, Advanced Cash. Also you will get 5% discount for all payments by crypto currency. Visit our special store here
How will you receive the paid service
To date we use the following scheme: you purchase a subscription, we receive money, check your payment and after this send to you email containing a list of ports available to you. Soon we automate this process and you will get your subscription in a minutes in a special control panel
Refund policy
Refunds available only with 15% deduction of your payment + days you used our Service and only for subscriptions less than 25-Ports. Refunds for plans bigger than 25-Ports not available at all.

So we strongly recommend you to test our proxies before purchase to be sure that our service is suitable for your needs.

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